Thursday, 29 January 2009

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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Self-Development and the Road to Successful Growth!!

Welcome back,

Well what a week its been......I was delighted and spell-bound watching Barack Obama become the first African-American President.......What a Day for him and his family and what a Day for that country.........It certainly has come a long way from those Dark days of Slavery and Racial Devide!!

Lets hope Barack settles in comfortably into his new Role and can start to make changes to better the lives of his people!!

Today I want to talk about the term Self-Development!

There is a library of literature out there all too keen to sell you a fast solution to personal growth and entrepreneurial success, don’t believe a word of it, there is not quick route to success. Success is a state of mind as much as a balance sheet, and the route to achieving that success is about self-discovery, and it will take time, but here are a few tips that can help you along the way.


Achieving personal growth and success is about changing. In order to change, you have to identify what needs changing, and that takes self-examination and reflection. Make a list of those aspects of life that you think are not your most positive side and develop those.

Be efficient

There is only the same number of hours in the day, so how can a President seemingly run a country, but you can’t even get the washing up done? It is all about how you use the time you have. Set yourself realistic and achievable goals and be disciplined in achieving them. As there isn’t a quick route to success you have to accept that personal development and growth is something that you have to work at, so accept that some work is coming your way, and embrace it. Successful development and making dreams a reality should be enjoyable and not tortuous.


Try wherever possible to throw yourself into activities that you enjoy, this is not always possible of course in normal jobs, but if you can find a way to be interested in something then you will be a great deal more motivated to succeed.


The journey to success does not have to be a lonely one, you can share the journey with others and you can ask others for advice and help. There are personal development books on the market that an better define how you set your goals and the detail that should lie beneath those goals. Many people join personal development group sessions so that they can feed off other people’s motivations and indeed successes. Sometimes you may not realise how successful you are in life and speaking to others about your goals and development aspirations may be the motivation you need to continue to grow.

Don’t stress

Stress is almost always a negative emotion, it pushes up your blood pressure, gives you headaches and is not a positive energy. The people around you can see and feel the stress and they won’t open up to you and communicate helpfully. It is not always easy to avoid stress, but you can manage and minimise it to a degree. Make an effort to take a breather every so often, take a step back and get some fresh air, when you go back at the problem you may have a fresh perspective. Make an effort to smile more; a smile brightens up the people around you and before you know it the whole atmosphere is more positive.

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Monday, 12 January 2009

Let 2009 Be Your Year For Success!!

Hi Guys and welcome back.......Happy 2009 to you........I hope you enjoyed your Festivities and are now looking to start those New Years Resolutions!!

Well its the start of a New Year and maybe a New You, so with that in mind lets talk a little bit about how you can make 2009 your year for success!!

We are all looking for a little self-development to help us on the road to being more successful in the workplace and at home managing all our relationships, here you can find ten top tips that may help you.

1. Create your own vision

You cannot set your sights on the horizon if you don’t know which direction to look in. Sit down and carefully lay out your thoughts about where you want to be heading. That will be your vision. Write it down in the form of a mission statement and pin it to the wall so you can always refer to it and check your personal development goals are being met.

2. Keep it simple

Complex plans usually fail. Making plans and concepts simple means that your co-workers and employers and employees will better understand what you are trying to achieve. Through simplifying your communications you will increase the audience’s understanding of the issue and gain greater consensus for a solution. Be wary not to over simplify issues, or ‘dumb them down’.

3. Put trust in people

You people are your greatest asset so trust them. If you give them no responsibility then they will not be committed to the plan, to you or to the organisation. It is a leap of faith and sometimes you will be let down, but overall you will benefit.

4. Stay calm

Stress is rarely a good emotion and learning to take a deep breath and step back to look at situation objectivity is a great skill. People flock to calm leaders in a crisis and shy away from stressful people.

5. Learn your trade

Knowledge is power, and if you want to grow professionally and spiritually, you will gain huge leaps of self-confidence from knowing your business better. Spend one hour a week studying your siill or trade and the results will be clear to see in no time.

6. Take a little risk

Calculated risks gain rewards. If you tow the party line all the time you will never stand out and the average person is not the most successful. So look carefully at the odds and stick your head above the parapet once in a while – and encourage those around you to do it too.

7. Invite criticism

‘Yes men’ are dangerous, they are not usually being honest, and integrity is one of the great keys to success. You will not always be right so it healthy to encourage those around you to feel that they can constructively criticise you or your plans without undermining your confidence or self-esteem. Together, this practice will work towards a better, more successful solution.

9. Encourage ownership

If the big plan always belongs to someone else then they can often feel left out of the glory when it works perfectly, so give away some of the ownership of the problem and encourage people to be responsible for their own actions.

10. Be truthful

Integrity is everything. If those around you know that you will be truthful with them, they will respect you more for it, they will know where they stand and will not feel uneasy confiding in you. Respect breeds a healthy working atmosphere, and in turn, success will follow.

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Monday, 29 December 2008

A Road Map For Your Success!!

Hi Guys and Welcome back...........

I hope you all had a Wonderful Christmas.........I certainly did........To much Turkey and Wine and now i'm feeling fat and groggy. Never mind with the New Year round the corner it means a fresh start and more walks and runs along the Beach.......Well maybe!!

This week I want to give you a Road Map for your success.......

Carrot and stick

This is the most traditional method of motivation and the reason that most of us goes to work; the employer pays us money and that is the carrot. However, you don't have to look far to see that research will demonstrate this to be one of the least effective means of motivating people. Give more money and expect people to work harder; it may be a theory, but does it work? Well if you pay people more money to do something they don't really want to do then you will probably simply be encouraging people to find ways to cut corners. Look into the soul and discover what motivates deep down.

Follow the crowd

It is difficult to rebel and easy to accept the intentions of others and just go with the flow. So if there is a general consensus on an issue at work, what is the motivation to be different? It will single you out and make you a focus that you weren't before you voted to be different. Most people go with the flow, either because they are ambivalent or because they simply don't feel strongly enough about the issue. So perhaps your route to self-development and success is by breaking against this mould; but you should be confident of your reasons before you do it.

Genuine Duty

Fulfilling a duty that you genuinely believe in makes us feel good. There is something quite fulfilling about discovering what is right and worth standing up for, and then deciding to 'do the right thing', regardless in some cases of the consequences. Doing the right thing should be recognised by co-workers and employers alike, but again, you should exercise caution when deciding on this course of action. You can be sure of a good night's sleep and a happier outlook if you do follow your sense of duty and do the right thing.

Integrity breeds respect Making the right choice and following your sense of what is right is a fundamental human characteristic that is not unanimous, and it takes effort to develop integrity. With the hard work of developing integrity will come the rewards. Those around you will trust and respect you more for having integrity, trust goes a long way to increasing your self-esteem as well. Following what is right is often the most difficult thing to do, and that is one of the reasons that people will respect you for it. Communication between people who trust each other is out of proportion with those who do not, and it is clear and effective communication that helps us progress as people and in all aspects business.

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Friday, 19 December 2008

How To Improve Your Self-Esteem And Think You Are Great!!

Hi Guys.......Well it's not long before Christmas now and I still havn't finished my shopping......Oops! Better hurry and get those last minute bargains! Before I rush out I would like to give you a few tips on building Self-esteem....

Without confidence in yourself and confidence in your abilities to do what is being asked of you, you are going to find it more difficult to achieve success. By building your self-confidence and self-esteem you are making yourself much better prepared for success. There are some simple steps you can follow to help improve your self-esteem.

You, yourself and you

Grab a pencil and some paper and make a list, this is usually the best way to start a task, and this one is no different. The task here is about self-reflection so you should draw a line down the middle and start listing your positive and negative aspects, according to you, not other people. This not an opportunity for you to tackle all the issues you think of that are negative in your life, the emphasis is much more about developing areas of perceived weakness - these are not failings, just areas for development; and remember that if you are no honest then the task is meaningless.

Examine the negatives

Have a careful look at the criticisms you have levelled at yourself and start to develop them in more detail. There will probably be several layers to any perceived area for development and rarely will they be clear cut, or you would have solved them by now. So for example, if you think you are a bad timekeeper, ask why this is? It may be because you are easily distracted and have difficulties focussing on one task at a time.

Go away and come back again

Leave the list for a few days and come back to it later, you will see it in a whole new light, and bear in mind of course that this list could be redirecting your future, so it is important that you don't commit to it in one sitting. When you come back to it a few days later, look at it in the light of characteristics that you could develop personally and simply by changing the way you do things. Carefully examine what you considered to be negatives a few days ago and either reduce or expand on them, but with a fresh perspective.

Opposites are natural

Look at both sides of the list, where you have one issue for personal development growth, you may have an obvious negative, this is perfectly natural and in fact you should expect your characteristics to trade off against one another.

Life's not black and white What you may at first think to be a positive or negative trait may be the opposite in a different given situation. So if you are seeking success in a negotiation being hard-nosed and stubborn may be beneficial with one client, but not with another. So do not be too concerned about negatives always being black and white. Being laid back means less stress, but perhaps you miss deadlines as a result, each angle could be greyer than you think, and it is in finding the balance in different situations that you will begin to maximise your potential.

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Thursday, 18 December 2008

How To Avoid Stress When Focusing On Your Goals!!

Today its now more important than ever to manage Stress so that we don't get burned out and become ill. Stress is called "The Silent Killer" and in its extreme form can be deadly!! Here a just a few ways to cope with stress if you feel you are getting bogged down at work ........

Workplace stress

In many ways this is the hardest type of stress to avoid, you may be working towards unachievable deadlines with a boss who doesn't seem to care, you may be influenced by factors outside your control, the financial markets have crashed and you have lost your client money through no fault of your own - these are all familiar tales. In many cases, workplace stress cannot be avoided, but it can be managed and minimised, and through these techniques you will build confidence and increase your chances of success.

One task - properly

Wherever possible work on one task at a time and see it through to the end. Mixing and matching lots of tasks all at the same time, and not being satisfied with any of them holistically is a bad thing. Maintain control of your workload by setting realistic goals and making sure you achieve them. Completing 50% of everything will not be appreciated by colleagues as much as doing a really good job on 100% of others just be very selective in the process of what you prioritise.

Deflect distractions, focus on achievement

Work colleagues who claim they have no time to do anything all day may be because they seem to spend all day chewing the fat with co-workers and not concentrating on the task at hand. People constantly asking for a quick minute or two are a distraction that will make you lose concentration and increase your stress levels. "No" is not a rude word, at times it may be necessary, or at least, 'not right now', just so you can complete the task at hand.

Have some fun

There is usually room for humour in most working activities, avoid this advice if you are work in a funeral director's or doctor's surgery but in most offices, a polite joke can relieve a stressful situation. You shouldn't make jokes at other people's expense but just a smile and a light hearted comment can go a long way sometimes. Many office workers will use little stress management tools on their desks, such as a squeezy ball, or they may just do a few stretches. All of this will lead to you feeling better about yourself at work, and this is all you need to be on that illusive path to achieving greater success.

The environment Is the working environment adding to the stress levels or reducing it? Relaxing piped music may be pleasant for some, but might drive other people completely nuts! Are the chairs in the right place to get natural light, is there too much noise? If you can make the working environment more pleasant then you will be in a better frame of mind to achieve the goals you have set for yourself.

Take some time out

Sometimes referred to as a "Hamlet" moment (from the cigar advertisements of years ago), even in the most stressful of situations you can go out of the room, take a big breath of fresh air and return reinvigorated a few minutes or seconds later. This kind of small break will often help you to add some perspective to the situation and make you realise that it is not as dramatic as you had at first thought

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Monday, 15 December 2008

How To Set Realistic And Achievable Goals Whatever Your Age Is!!

Set good goals

There is little or no point in setting goals that you simply cannot achieve, you may never run the 100 metres in under 11 seconds, but you might lose the 5 pounds you are trying to! The beauty about setting goals is that you can se short, medium and long term goals for everything in life. Lose weight; develop a management vision for the company by Christmas, get fitter, earn more money, cut back on hours in the office, and so the list goes on. If you are interested in personal growth then the goals have to be achievable and they have to be measurable, otherwise you really won't be able to tell if you have achieved them or not.


The very fact that you can set goals for everything means that you might be too tough on yourself; you cannot improve everything about your life in one go, in one day or week. These things take careful consideration and planning, so make a list. Make the number one item on the list the most important and work your way down until you get to ten. Don't make the list too long or you will be setting yourself up for failure, and that in turn will damage your confidence. These lists are there not to put you under undue pressure, but to make you feel successful when you achieve them, it is a positive perspective that will get you through this


Not only must the goals be realistic, achievable and measurable, they should also be detailed, as this will help you improve your life and success in realising your dreams. So if the goal is simply to get fitter, then you need to identify how you will do that. Join a fitness club, but decide when you will be able to go (don't say 5 times a week if you know you can only do 3!).

Help along the way

Remember that the road to success is a road, a journey, not a moment, so you will need motivation along the way. If the milestone is time related then set intermediate points in time that will assist you in confirming that you are well on track to achieving your personal development goal. You would not want to work towards a weight loss limit over a period of several months and wait until the very last minute to weigh yourself; you need to keep a chart of the progress along the way. The same rules apply to other goals too.


You have set the conditions for success, you have planned, charted, organised - but now is the time to act. You will only grow spiritually and personally towards becoming more successful through action. Nothing ever got done by simply talking about it, someone always has to put that plan into action, and if it is yourself that you are developing then no-one else can do that for you - just yourself. Many people can help, but only you can make it happen

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